Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bluetooth technology

wireless in local loop(wll) architecture
Wireless local loop (WLL) provides two-way calling services to the
stationary or “fixed” users, which is intended to replace its wireline
counterpart. Today, there are almost 100 WLL systems (either trials or commercial systems).
This article describes the WLL architecture, the WLL technologies,
WLL service descriptions, and some examples of WLL products
products satellite as a switch
Satellite Multi-Switch

The most recent additions to the Regal product line includes
the 4- and 8-way Multi-Switch. Capable of interfacing off-air or
CATV signals, both products cover the frequency range of 40-2150 MHz.
The 8-way Multi-Switch incorporates nickel plated brass F-ports with neoprene gaskets allowing this product to stand up to the most stringent torque requirements and provide an excellent seal against water ingress.
Powered by a transformer with a coaxial output connector, the 8-way Multi-Switch can be installed in a variety of locations when ac powering is not readily available.
Exceptional EMI shielding and a water seal gasket make the vertical configured 8-way product ideal for MDU or headend applications.

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