Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Easy and efficient to use of bluetooth

Easy and efficient to use
Setting up and configuring Bluetooth enabled devices is fairly straightforward, with little more to do than get the two devices near each other and turn them on. There is no need to install drivers or other software to set up an ad-hoc, personal wireless network. It has a uniform structure, meaning that any two wireless products
featuring Bluetooth technology, regardless of brand or country of origin, have the capability to communicate seamlessly with one another.
Safe, secure connections: Hopping and pairing
Identity and information theft is pervasive these days, and wireless security continues to be a primary concern for consumers.Bluetooth has built-in security, unlike Wi-Fi where security is the responsibility of the network administrator. Bluetooth uses adaptive frequency hopping (AFH), "hopping" between the allotted 79 frequencies1,600 times per second, making it extremely difficult to intercept transmissions.

Before devices can communicate, they must be "paired" with one another, establishing a unique, synchronized frequency-hopping pattern for their network (called a piconet). You can think of piconets as invisible cables;
when devices are paired, they are "plugged into" one another, and when they're unpaired, they're not. Typically, users have to enter a numerical passkey to pair devices, though some devices come synchronized right out of the box.
Versatility leads to interoperability
Using Bluetooth, users can synchronize contacts between a cell phone, PDA, and laptop, talk on the phone while it remains in their pocket, print documents wirelessly, share photographs with friends in separate rooms,
and do a host of other convenient things. Bluetooth is the most widely supported wireless standard in the world today, and best of all, there are no membership fees or services to sign up for — all you need are Bluetooth enabled devices.
Some other advantages of Bluetooth are the fact that up to eight devices are able to connect simultaneously to the same piconet, and that it has very low power consumption. The ability to exchange information across devices gives Bluetooth technology great potential,but it has some limitations that must be addressed as well.

Walls? No problem.
Since products featuring Bluetooth technology operate on radio frequencies, walls, handbags, clothes pockets and other obstacles don't get in the way of transmissions, enabling a level and ease of connectivity with an enormous upside.

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